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What Is The Commute Calendar and how do I use it?

Logging your Trips

The Commute Calendar is a convenient tool you may use to log your trips - both one time rides and regular commute trips. As you do so, you'll see the benefits you're reaping in terms of vehicle travel savings, environmental impact reduction and cost savings. For certain regions and/or employers, you may be eligible for prizes and other rewards for participating in the RIDESHARE program.

To use this feature, select 'Commute Calendar' in the menu.


The commute calendar is formatted by month. Note that certain days on the calendar are disabled. You can't report trips in the future, and you can only report trips up to 30 days in the past.

Convenient buttons are provided at the top to move from month to month and return to today's date.


Report a Trip

Reporting a trip is simple. Just click or touch the date, and the following call out box appears:


Under "create a trip record" select...

  1. Select a trip type - such as round trip (to work), one-time trip, etc.
  2. Select a mode (the means by which you traveled) such as carpool, transit, etc.
  3. Confirm the trip distance.
Once you 'submit' your trip is entered on the calendar.


At any time you can review the trips you reported by touching or clicking on them. As you do so, you'll see a summary of the info about the trip you selected.


Create a Template

Does your regular commute involve more than one mode? Perhaps you might be driving alone, then picking up a carpool partner and driving to a train station. From there you are taking the train to work.

Create a trip template that stores all of these details in one simple entry.

First, click 'create a template.'

  1. Give your template a name, such as 'carpool to train'
  2. For each part of your commute, select the type, mode and distance. For example, if your first part is 3 miles of driving alone, select "round trip", "drive alone", and "3 miles", then click the "plus". This will add in the drive alone part.
  3. Repeat this for the carpool part, and then the transit part, indicating the mileage for each mode.
  4. Once you've done so, you will have a template like the one below.

Click 'submit' to save your template.

Using a Template

To use a template, just drag it from the heading of the calendar to the date on the calendar. All of the parts of the template will be entered in one operations.

Deleting a Trip

If you entered a trip in error, just click or touch the "x" on the trip for the date you want to remove. The trip will be deleted as you do so.

See your Savings

Every time you enter a trip, the status display at the top will update with a current summary of vehicle travel, pollution and cost savings.


You may click the 'details' link to see a more detailed report of your savings and the savings of everyone you work with, if you registered your employer as part of your account preferences.

Happy logging!