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How do I find a rideshare match?

Expand your profile with details about your commute:

When you initially register with RIDESHARE, you are only required to provide your name and email. This is sufficient for you to sign in and access the commute calendar. If you would like to find a match for your regular commute, we need a bit more information.

First, make sure you're signed in. Once done, visit "My Account."

commute with RIDESHARE

Once you are at My Account, you'll see a list of options to manage various parts of your profile. Select the one for Commute Preferences.

commute with RIDESHARE

As you do so, you'll have just a few easy steps to set your commute preferences.

Home Location

commute with RIDESHARE

Your Home Location is where your regular commute starts. Please note that we never give out details of your home address to others. This information is required to accurately find a carpool or bike buddy match for you. For additional confidentiality, you may enter a nearby address instead of your actual home address.

Note that as you start typing, our system looks for and suggests matching addresses. If you see yours, just pick it from the list.

Work Location and Work Hours

commute with RIDESHARE

Your work location is where your regular commute ends. We ask that you identify your employer as well as your work location. Certain employers provide special benefits to their employees if they participate in RIDESHARE - you can only be eligible if you identify your employer.

As with the home address, as you start typing in your company or school name, you'll see various matches for companies that are already registered. If you see your work location, just select it from the list. If you do not see it, continue to the street name of your work address and continue typing. You'll see matches for your work address here.

To find the best possible match, you will need to enter your regular work hours. Finally, please identify what types of commuting (carpool, transit, etc.) appeal to you the most.

Matching Preferences

commute with RIDESHARE

Finally, please indicate how you travel to work right now. Let us know your specific interests in carpooling. If you have a car and you're willing to do the driving, please say so. Finally, indicate that your preferences are active so that you will appear on matches seen by others.

Click 'Done' to complete this process.

Checking your Contact Info

As you set up your profile for regular commute matching, you might also want to check your contact info. If you do match to another commuter, you will want to make sure that others will be able to get in touch.

From the My Account page, select Basic Info.

commute with RIDESHARE

As you do so, you will see the page below. This will allow you to confirm your phone number and email address. It will also allow you to select how you would want to be contacted by a carpool or bike buddy candidate.

commute with RIDESHARE

If you choose 'text message' as one of the ways you'd like to be contacted, you will be prompted to identify your cell phone carrier. This is so that text messages can be sent via the cell phone company's relay. This information will not be shared.

You have the ability to change your password, as well as to link your profile to your Facebook profile.

Enable RIDESHARE matching and select your work status

Also on the same page, make sure that you've turned on the selection for 'Use RIDESHARE for ridematching to work'. At any time you'll be able to enable or disable your profile for ridematching with this selection, without removing any of your data regarding work location or schedule.

Additionally, you will be asked to select your work status. This information helps us better understand how people are using RIDESHARE and allows us to implement the program accordingly.

Finding your commute match

Once you've updated your profile, select 'Commute Match' in the main menu.

commute with RIDESHARE

You'll see a gray call out box that allows you to select the type of match (carpool, transit, etc.) that you are interested in. Results will be displayed in the map as well as in text below.

commute with RIDESHARE

To select different types of matches (carpool, transit, etc.) just click or touch the button in the call out box for each. For each type of match, there are various criteria that you can change to refine your search. This can include search distance, time flexibility etc.

To see details about your match results, just scroll down. For carpool and bike partner match candidates, you can contact them directly through the RIDESHARE website via text or email, or contact them by phone call if the candidate permits their phone number to be shown.

At this point, all arrangements that are made between matches occur independently from this website. You can return to your profile anytime to contact additional matches, update or change your profile information, or search any new possible matches that may be available.

Happy ridesharing!