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Welcome to Rideshare, Etc!

Rideshare Etc. Online is a matching service that allows commuters to quickly find transportation options for carpooling, bike buddies, vanpooling, mass transit, and park and ride lots based on your specific circumstances. First time users need to register your name, origin, destination, work hours and contact information for us to provide matching information to you. Your name and contact information can be provided to other commuters by maintaining your information.

Once you successfully enter your email and password you will see your personal welcome page. You can select transportation options, change your searches, track your environmental savings, and more!

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Madison Area Transportation Planning Board
121 S. Pinckney St. Ste 400 - Madison, WI 53703
Tel. 608-266-RIDE (266-7433)

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Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Rideshare
141 NW Barstow St. - Waukesha, WI 53187-0798
Tel. 262-548-6719